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Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt

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Warm, fragrant, and oh-so-cozy, our newest Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt brings fresh-from-the-garden flavor to all your favorite dishes. Season chicken for a succulent, comforting feast, or sprinkle on desserts for a comforting twist all season. this stuff tastes like the Holidays.


NET WT 3.5oz


Kosher Certified

Flavor notes

Aromatic, Earthy



Savor with

Mashed potatoes, Carved Turkey, Holiday Cocktails, just about anything!

Why we love Spanish Rosemary Sea Salt
  • 01

    Provides a new way to infuse your favorite Holiday dish

  • 02

    Offers fresh-from-the-garden flavor and rich aroma

  • 03

    Surprise your guests by adding a comforting twist to desserts or cocktails this Holiday season

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