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    About Us

    A choice cut of meat, a nice piece of fish or a trayful of roasted veggies — whatever it is you're cooking up – hit it with the right salt, and it sings.

    An Elevated Cooking Experience in Your Own Kitchen!

    Only salt has the ability to make or break a meal. It's that special quality that salt has, to draw moisture out of a cold cucumber, a juicy slice of watermelon or an even juicier steak, to make flavors insane.

    That's called Osmosis. And we are definitely on board for it!

    Our premium, chef-selected, Michelin-star quality salts are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Topping, finishing, baking, boiling, curing… we use salts for so many things. Shouldn’t they be something special?

    Flavor’s in season!

    If you're not getting those flavors from your home cooking, if you need a little pep in your chef step, these salts are your secret weapon. Deployed with precision, up front and behind the scenes, Osmo premium cooking and finishing salts will kick your cuisine into next week. Just please make sure and tag us in your jaw-dropping #food posts when you get there.

    So go ahead. Take a pinch (or a palmful).