Salt was boring.

That's why I created Osmo. It's the salt for everybody - professional chefs, home chefs and people who just love food. I guarantee your taste buds will thank you.

Meet the Osmo x Walmart Exclusive Bundle

Flakey White Sea Salt

With a flakey texture and a bit of crunch, this versatile salt is a workhorse. Shake it into soups or make it the secret star in your cookie recipe. Whatever the mission, this guy is ready to roll!

Recommended Uses: Finish, Brine, Bake, Season, Bake, Broil, Pickle

Roasted Garlic Sea Salt

Caramel, savory, and nutty notes... roasted garlic has a complex flavor profile, providing that sweet, garlic-y flavor without the bitterness. This sophisticated, smart salt mellows and sweetens in the most glorious, garlicky way.

Recommended Uses: Finish, Brine, Pickle, Season

Hickory Blend Sea Salt

Take your grill game to the next level with our Hickory Blend Sea Salt! 

Put it in a rub for grilling, mix it in your marinara, let it take your Southern-style dishes to the land of flavor-town! Ready to rock the (BBQ) boat? Give it a sprinkle!

Recommended Uses: Season, Finish

About Us

An Elevated Cooking Experience in Your Own Kitchen!

Only salt has the ability to make or break a meal. It's that special quality that salt has, to draw moisture out of a cold cucumber, a juicy slice of watermelon or an even juicier steak, to make flavors insane.

That's called Osmosis. And we are definitely on board for it!

Our premium, chef-selected, Michelin-star quality salts are the perfect addition to any kitchen. Topping, finishing, baking, boiling, curing… we use salts for so many things. Shouldn’t they be something special?

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