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Everything Bagel Sea Salt Blend

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It's called everything for a reason; you'll want to put this on EVERYTHING. With a striking texture, a strong yet sweet flavor of garlic & onion, and the rich nuttiness of poppy and sesame seeds; this savory classic will leave you craving it again and again.

NET WT 2.7oz

Flavor notes

garlicky, oniony, rich & savory



Savor with

Breakfast eggs, mac & cheese, salads, ramen, literally EVERYTHING!

Why We Love Everything Bagel
  • 01

    Crunchy, garlicky, and straight up addicting

  • 02

    Osmo's take on this Everything Bagel Blend is nothing like your average grocery store blend

  • 03

    Has rich nuttiness of poppy and sesame seeds

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