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Rechargeable Electric Pink Grinder

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Grind your salt in style with this sleek, adjustable grinding mill from Osmo. This mill is battery operated (built-in rechargeable lithium battery) so it’s no muss, no fuss. 

Unlock the 28 g/1 oz. chamber with a twist so you can load in your favorite salt. Once you’re locked and loaded, press the button on the side of the mill and release. A yellow light illuminates the chamber as the mill does the grinding for you. 

Adjust coarseness by twisting the barrel of the mill. No matter what setting you choose, the mill’s ceramic core delivers uniform grounds every time.  


  • Adjustable salt grinding mill
  • USB charger 


For step-by-step instructions on how to use the grinder, please click here

If you still have questions about how to use your grinder, please click here

    Why We Love Pink Grinder
    • 01

      Its sleek, pink and pretty in any kitchen!

    • 02

      Its rechargeable so you can use it always

    • 03

      You can adjust coarseness by twisting the barrel of the mill

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